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What is causing irritation after sex? Essay for you personally

What is causing irritation after sex? Essay for you personally

In this essay, we consider the feasible factors behind vaginal itching in females and men and talk about the treatment plans.

Reasons in women and men

Some factors behind vaginal itching after intercourse are exactly the same, aside from biological intercourse. A number of the signs, but, may differ. Below, we discuss allergies and infections that may influence both men and women.

Latex sensitivity

A latex sensitivity means the immune system responds highly to your product containing latex. Latex condoms or lubricants that have latex may cause uncomfortable signs in people who have an allergy that is latex. These signs can add itching, redness, and inflammation around the genital area after sex.

Individuals can take to making use of latex free condoms and lubricants to see whether this relieves their signs.

Latex may cause three various reactions that are allergic

Contact dermatitis

When latex causes contact dermatitis, the effect might maybe not happen until 12–36 hours after connection with your skin. Signs range from:

  • irritation
  • redness and discomfort
  • epidermis showing up scaly

Immediate reaction that is allergic

This particular response occurs in individuals who have become responsive to latex through past exposure to it. Getting into connection with latex again triggers an answer through the defense mechanisms, and individuals may experience:


In some instances, latex may cause anaphylaxis, which will be a really serious hypersensitive reaction. If somebody notices any indications of anaphylaxis, they need to look for instant medical attention or call 911 or the regional crisis number.

STIs usually don’t create any observeable symptoms, nevertheless they will often cause genital or penile itching. Continue reading “What is causing irritation after sex? Essay for you personally”