tournament information

  • Date: May 07 – May 09
  • Format: 6v6 (PC)
  • Mode: Competitive

Solo registration infomration

  • By registering as a Solo player, you allow Gamers Hub Middle East to place you in a team for the tournament
  • Any disputes amongst the players, Gamers Hub Middle East is not responsible to resolve said dispute
  • If any player does not like the team he/she is placed at, player is NOT allowed to change team.
    • If any solo player is found playing in a different team other than his own made by Gamers Hub Middle East, the player will be kicked from the tournament



OMEN OW registration SOLO
Confirm Email

Custom game settings:

  • Presets: Competitive
  • Game mode:
    • Qualifiers: Best of 3
      • Match 1: Control
      • Match 2: Hybrid
      • Match 3: Escort
    • Finals: Best of 5
      • Match 1: Control
      • Match 2: Hybrid
      • Match 3: Escort
      • Match 4: Assault
      • Match 5: Control (Ilios and Nepal only)
  • Back to the lobby: after a match
  • Limited hero selection: 1 per team
  • Deactivate Killcam: On
  • Available maps:
    • Control – Busan / Lijiang / Oasis
    • Hybrid – Hollywood / Kings Row / Numbani
    • Escort – Junkertown/ Rialto / Watchpoint
    • Assault – Volskaya / Anubis / Hanamura
  • Lobby: Max Spectators – 2 (Only admins)
  • “Invite Only” must be selected within the Custom Game Lobby.
  • The loser of the previous match chooses the next map. The winning team will pick the side

After filling out all the information, a Gamers Hub Middle East representative will send the player an email with their approval to join the tournament along with the date of their first match.

There will be another email before the start of the tournament in which the match time will be determined on that day.

All players MUST have a Discord account to be invited to the Overwatch channel and follow all announcements of the tournament.

The captain of the formed team will be identified by Gamers Hub and they will create a server and add the players.

Upon completion, the captain of the winning team will send a picture of the match result to the person responsible for it.

It is possible that the members of one team are unequal in terms of level in some rare cases depending on the number of registered players, in addition to the repetition of the position of each player, so all players should understand the matter and play for fun.